Monkey House

Ted Coen (1964-2001)

The music that you are listening to is from the final works of Ted Coen. Monkey House represents the pinnacle of Ted's music career that included playing in bands like Synful Grin, Zone Bleue, Waive, Project N, Alucard, The Iron Cheezeballs, PLP, and many others. Monkey House represents Ted Coen at his best; as a songwriter, a musician, and a singer. I said "pinnacle" but that's not necessarily true. There's no telling where Ted's talent would have taken him if he hadn't been taken from us so soon. He was only getting better over time. Its a shame that the world will never know.

That being said, Monkey House was definitely the apex of what Ted had done so far in his short life. The songs are well structured, enjoyable to hear, and show excellent musicianship by Ted and his fellow bandmates.

Like many Rock-and-rollers, Ted started his musical career in garage bands in his home town of West Orange, New Jersey. He never lost his dream of making it in the music industry and he continued to play in bands and write music throughout his college years, which is where I first met him. Over the years, I watched a fresh-faced kid that had raw talent as a saxophonist, a singer, and a songwriter turn into a polished musician. He went from writing silly lyrics to writing meaningful verse and his voice only mellowed over time into the fine instrument that you hear on this CD.

Ted Coen never got a chance to make it to the "big time" but with these CDs, you will realize that he was more than ready. Enjoy his music, for that's what he wanted in the long run. He wanted to make music that people would like, which is really what it means to make the "Big Time" when it comes down to it. I think that he succeeded, as do many others that were lucky enough to hear his music over the years.

May you rest in peace Ted Coen. We miss you.

- Andre Glenn (2007)
- Liner notes from the upcoming double CD entitled "... at last."

New album!

The new album entitled " last" is available now. See the music page for full (free!) downloads of this previously unreleased music from Ted Coen and Monkey House. last.

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